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Lake House Mystery Blog

Social Media, Social Madness - part 2

The story continues - my foray into the brave new world of social media.
 As I reported in a previous blog (Social Media, Social Madness 6/26/2012) I am making a valiant effort to engage in the modern world with aged equipment - no, not me - my communication devices. To reiterate, I have an average laptop computer, a Kindle Fire (old version) I use as a book reader and internet connector, a cell phone from the 1990's that doesn't take pictures and ..... nope, that's it. 
With these weapons I wage the good fight in the communications arena using Facebook - personal and author pages, this website and blog, an Amazon author's page, and ..... NEW! twitter account - @ic_enger, and NEW! LinkedIn account. I have no idea how to use half of these.
I haven't checked my Amazon author's page in too long. I promise I will now that Green ICE is complete and sent to the publisher, and after I get a blog out, which is nothing if not sporadic. As for LinkedIn, I have amassed an impressive number of links, and that's all I've done.
Feeling a bit silly, I sent off a note to my Sisters in Crime network, asking humbly if anyone knew what to do with the LinkedIn account. I've received several replies - all as confused as I am, but willing to dance the media tango. It's a fast dance. One of my Facebook Friends put the same question out on her page, I haven't seen any informative replies to date.
As for Twitter, what is that all about? Facebook isn't enough? E-mail isn't sufficient? Do I lead an interesting enough life to justify all this social connectivity? Maybe I just need to do more exciting and Twitter-worthy activities. Social Media Makes Me Look Boring.
My problem is .... I now have a good idea (or as they say in writing classes, a BIG idea) for the Black ICE book, the next in the series. I'll tackle the social media problem in a little while. First I must capture my BIG idea on paper, then outline the plot, decide on the new and returning characters, etc.
I might add more media to the mix when I get a minute, perhaps I missed the best one. The one that will finally make sense of all the others.

12 Comments to Social Media, Social Madness - part 2:

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JL Greger on Thursday, April 25, 2013 11:23 AM
All this social media is confusing and expensive. And I really don't want check with others when I'm in the grocery store shopping. But I guess we're a dying breed. Or maybe we're just jealous of those who are more savvy. JL Greger
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Holli Castillo on Thursday, April 25, 2013 11:34 AM
Linkedin has groups you can join, some for promotion, some just to exchange writing ideas, tips, etc. Some groups are good, but what you get out of it depends upon how much discussion you put in. I receive emails weekly that let me know which conversations are still ongoing.
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Sharon Arthur Moore on Friday, April 26, 2013 4:59 AM
I was a reluctant one about all the promotion requirements and social media expectations when I went to a writing conference a number of years ago. But I got it. I knew it was my future so I set out to buy books/take courses/ask questions to understand what is required of a professional writer these days. On Twitter (I have two accounts for the different genre I write), I respond to people's posts when I find them worth commenting on. I sought to follow people with similar interests so they WOULD have something of interest to write. I retweet books coming out from others, and I post links to my three blogs. For both accounts I also provide content info (links to relationship articles @RomanceRighter and tweeted recipes or links to recipes @good2tweat). For my culinary mysteries, I am trying to connect with the cooking community, not other writers. I also am trying to connect to the mommy bloggers, another pool of readers who might not find me otherwise. I hope my experience helps a little bit. I am far from proficient, and I continue to learn. But, I will do what I need to do to be successful.
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IC Enger on Friday, April 26, 2013 9:02 AM
You certainly do have it all together, Sharon! I would have replied sooner but I had to sit and catch my breath for a minute - at least I have the accounts set up. Soon I hope to make as good of use of them as you do. I like the way you address specific audiences with your blogs. Best of luck!
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IC Enger on Friday, April 26, 2013 9:07 AM
Thanks for all the good comments, it's a brave new e-world and we're all doing our best to swim in it. Back in the day I suppose authors struggled to keep up with their mail correspondence. Times do change.
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